Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lets make 2016 another great quilting year!

Hello Quilters and welcome to 2016! With a new year beginning it's time for a few reminders of some things to think about when considering to having a quilt machine quilted at Elizabeth’s Machine Quilting.
  1. Backing fabric should be a MINIMUM of 8” larger than your quilt top! For example, if your quilt is 90”x100” then the MINIMUM size your backing should be is 98”x108”. Quilt backing can NEVER be too big but it can be too small!

  1. If using Minky/Cuddle fabric for your backing and it need to be seamed to make it large enough please use a seam measuring ¾” to 1” wide. And whatever you do, DO NOT trim away the salvage edge of Minky! This will help to allow the seam to lay nice and flat and not create too much of a bump, trust me! I can and will also stitch the seam(s) for you at no charge!

  1. Not all batting is equal! Quilters Dream Brand is by far my favorite but I do accept most all other brands with the following exceptions:
  • If using an Extra Loft Poly Batting ONLY Quilters Dream Puff & PolyFill Extra Loft brands will be accepted. Any and all other brands of Extra Loft Polyester Batting will be handed back to you!

Why will I not except some batting brands you wonder? Because I don’t have the time to prep them or to deal with the headache that some of them are. Hobbs PolyDown batting for example, is a mess when it comes out of the plastic bag it is sold in. The layers are stuck together (I swear they use quilt  basting spray the stuff) and I will not even go into the wrinkled mess that also comes along with it.  Yes It can be put into a dryer and tumbled on the lowest heat setting for a few minutes, removed, rearranged, and heated again over and over and over until all the wrinkles are out. But why spend half a day prepping batting when there is nicer batting available to us.

  1.  Once upon a time many years ago, I let you provide thread for your quilt, that is No Longer an option (and hasn't been for a number of years!) You are welcome to tell me what color(s) you would like and I will do my best to accommodate that request. Or you can just "You Pick" and I will pick the thread(s) that match your fabrics best.

  1. In House Binding services ARE available. Prices include (unless otherwise noted) cutting, the fabric & making the binding, sewing the binding to the front of the quilt by machine and hand finishing the binding on the back. All binding fabric should be sent along with your quilt.
  • Straight Edge binding $0.10 per square inch
  • Curved Edge binding $0.25 per square inch
  • Make and machine stitch binding to the front of the quilt only $0.08 per square inch (you would need to do the hand finishing)

  1. Please let me know if you are going to pull your backing fabric to the front of the quilt for binding (known as self-binding) This requires the edge of the quilt to be handled and quilted a bit differently than with regular binding.

  1. All quilts are quilted in the order that they arrive or are pre-scheduled to arrive. I am ONE person with ONE quilting machine. I am the only ONE that quilts your quilts in my home. At any given time I have between 20 to 50 quilts waiting to be quilted. Some take a few hours some take a few days. I am working on a scheduling system this year that will hopefully give me a better timeline to when your quilt(s) will be completed. If you have any questions about the timeline please just ask.

  1. I have not listed the cost of custom quilting on the website as I have different tiers of Custom Quilting fees. The cost of per inch quilting will depend on the amount of quilting as well as the style of quilting you are wanting. Quilting fee estimates & design sketches are ALWAYS available before any quilting is started!

  1. Overall Freehand Quilting Designs ARE available & are less costly as they take significantly less time than Custom Quilting. but they do not get a better spot in the timeline schedule. Please remember there are other quilters in the area that specialize in allover Pantograph quilting and they can get your quilts quilted and back to you much faster than I would ever be able to.

  1. When I quilt I wear headphones & listen to music, so I do not always hear the phone ring. I wear the headphones to keep me concentrating on the job at hand and not worrying about the sounds going on around me. If I had to stop to answer the phone each time it rang it would not only take even longer to complete your quilts but they also wouldn’t look that great. The best time to call is in the evening hours after 6:00pm when others are at home. For a faster response than a returned phone call, you can also contact me on Facebook at Elizabeth’s Machine Quilting as well as by email: bkneesquilting@gmail.com  

  1. There has been a rash outbreak over the past few months of finished quilts being “forgotten” and pickup taking way longer than normal. I do understand that around the holidays that our pockets are never deep enough however this is my only job and I to have bills to pay. If you cannot pick up your quilt(s) right away just let me know and I will work with you on scheduling a new date to pick up your quilt(s). If the trend of not picking up quilts in a timely manner continues I will be forced to implement a Late Pickup Fee.

  1. The 2016 Christmas Deadline will be OCTOBER 1, 2016 all quilts needed back in time for you to bind and give for 2016 Christmas gifts MUST be in my hands no later than this date. I will not be accepting quilts for machine quilting from December 11, 2016 to January 7, 2017. If you have a quilt that will need to be ready during this time plan ahead and have it to me before December 11th.

Thanks so much for all your business over the years!
Let’s all have another great quilting year!
– Elizabeth K.


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